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Luxury Vibrators

Luxury vibrators from Pinkdevil

 Treat yourself to a luxury or high tech vibrator from our collection of designer sex toys.

Rabbit Vibrators

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A rabbit vibrator is the sex toy no girl should be without! All vibrating rabbits have a clitoral stimulator and shaft for intense blended orgasms.

Wand Vibrators

Wand Vibrators from Pinkdevil

Shop our large collection of wand vibrators today and grab yourself one of the best wand vibrators available!

Bullet & Egg Vibrators

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A bullet vibrator, as the name suggests, is a vibrator that comes in the shape of a bullet! This means they are small and so make for ideal travel companions.

Suction Vibrators

Suction vibrators from Pinkdevil

Shop all our suction vibrators from leading brands like Satisfyer, Nasstoys, LELO and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Realistic Vibrators

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Designed to deliver the lifelike feel of a real penis, realistic dildo vibrators are often detailed with veins, a glans and balls.

Classic Vibrators

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Classic Vibrators are the most basic type of vibrator - Simple yet effective and fun!

Nipple Vibrators

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If nipple stimulation is your thing, you need to try the thrill of nipple vibrators.

G Spot Vibrators

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Have you found your g spot yet? Choose a great g-spot vibrator from our huge range. 

Finger Vibrators

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These toys are a great option for anyone who wants all-over stimulation in a small, discreet package.

Anal Vibrators

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Our huge range of Anal vibrators are perfect for backdoor exploration and prostate stimulation. 

Remote Vibrators

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Our Bluetooth, remote-control vibrators are powerful, comfortable and nearly silent. Have fun in the bedroom or be naughty in public! 


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Whether you're buying your first vibrator or looking to add a new vibe to your collection, here's what you need to know before you add extra buzz to your sex life

What are the best vibrators for masturbation?

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, and although they all vibrate, the difference is where the vibration is heading. For external clitoral stimulation; clitoral vibes, bullet vibes and wand vibrators are the way to go. For internal penetration and stimulation, classic vibrators and G-spot vibrators will hit the right spot, and the all-time favourite rabbit vibrator will stimulate both sweet spots at once!

Which vibrators are best for Couples?

If you're wanting to introduce a vibrator to foreplay or sex with a partner, Couple's Vibrators are the way to go. They come in a range of different shapes, sizes and types, so the best vibrator for couples would be the vibe that fits your purpose the best. Some couple's vibes are designed to be worn during sex to stimulate both parties, such as We-Vibe's couple's vibrators, while other couples vibes are used to stimulate each other's body parts separately during foreplay or sex, such as finger vibrators, anal vibrators, clitoral vibrators and more.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vibrator

1. The size of your vibrator matters!

First, you need to decide on what size you'd like your vibrator to be. If you're looking for a vibrator to insert vaginally, choose a vibe a maximum of 6-7 inches in length if you're a beginner. The vibrator product description will inform you of the dimensions of the vibe, so make sure you read the description carefully. You also need to make sure the vibe isn't too wide, or girthy, for your body. The girth dimensions will also be included in the product description, and if you're a beginner we recommend choosing a thinner vibe no larger than 4 inches in girth – which is the distance measured around the vibe – or 2 inches in diameter.

2. Choose your vibration speeds and patterns

Most vibes will come with multiple speeds and vibration patterns. Ranging anywhere between 1-10 speeds and 1-7 vibration patterns, although some vibes have a lot more, so make sure you check these functions out in the description before purchasing a vibrator as having variety will keep things exciting. You can choose from app controlled vibrators, remove controlled, or button controlled vibes. 

3. Is a noisy vibe going to be an issue?

If you're living in a family home or with flatties, you'll probably want a vibrator that's quiet for discretion. While there's nothing to be embarrassed about when buying or using sex toys, it can still be embarrassing if we get caught in the act! Read the vibrator's reviews and product description, as often these elements will give you an idea of the noise level of the vibrator. If noise is a concern, opt for a vibe that states it is "whisper quiet". Please note that all vibrators will make some noise, even if they are described as whisper quiet.

4. What material should your vibrator be made from?

The material your vibrator is made from is important because it will affect the vibe's quality, life-span, and whether you have any body-sensitives. Silicone is the most popular vibrator material, and is body safe. If you are buying a lesser quality vibe that is of a porous material, such as rubber, we recommend using a condom with it. 

5. Do you want a waterproof vibrator?

If you want to be able to take your vibrator into the bath or shower for slippery and sexy fun times, make sure you buy a fully waterproof vibrator. A splash-proof vibrator is not waterproof and shouldn't be submerged underwater.

6. Is a battery operated or rechargeable vibrator best?

Battery powered vibrators are generally cheaper, but tend to be less powerful than electric powered vibrators, as electric powered vibrators are usually designed with stronger motors which use more power. Rechargeable vibrators will always be a better option in terms of convenience, but they are usually more expensive. However, the amount you'll end up spending on batteries will equal more in the long run, so if you can afford to spend a little more, opt for a rechargeable vibrator.